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Teeth Whitening Foam

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Our Power Whitening Gel is formulated with proprietary Polyclean® technology to boost stain removal and deliver active whitening ingredients into teeth’s grooves and crannies. The super-oxygenated micro foam helps lift and remove surface stains that have accumulated over time. Mix with any toothpaste and get to brushing for results you can see within 30 days*.

*In a clinical study, users had an average 6 shade improvement after using the gel for 30 days twice daily.

For best Results avoid eating or drinking for 15-20 minutes after brushing with the whitening foam . 

 Enhance your results by duo usage of our Electric Led Tooth brush and Foam use together can stimulate faster and greater results . The built in LED light activates the whitening ingredients in whitening foam. 

To achieve a white smile it is important to take care of your oral health . The goal is to have a healthy white smile! 

How to do so?

 Brushing and Flossing minimum twice daily ! 

Brushing After sweets ,acidic, Staining drinks such as Coffee to avoid cavities and Staining ! 

Avoid Tobacco usage !

Regular Cleanings and Check ups at your Dental Provider ! Everyone including children ages 8 months and up should be visiting dentist every Six Months! 








Size 50 ML

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