About Us

At Enhanced Smiles, our mission is to go above and beyond in the field of dental care by providing safe, effective, and innovative oral care and teeth whitening products for all consumers. We are enthusiastic and passionate about our product line, and our goal is to create as many happy, bright and healthy smiles as possible. Achieving and, most importantly, maintaining a pearly-white smile is all about using the right products and approaching this goal with health first and foremost in mind.  

With many dental care products on the market right now, it can be difficult and daunting choosing the right products for you. Some companies decide to add harsh chemicals to their teeth whitening products that, yes - may whiten the teeth but are damaging to the enamel and cause sensitivity as well as other adverse effects. When teeth are suffering from sensitivity, for example, it will be near impossible to maintain that superficial white smile for a long time. (It will also be hard to enjoy ice cream, coffee, or any sweets for that matter.) That's why it is essential to be gentle with your teeth and take proper care when whitening and brushing them. 

Luckily Enhanced Smiles focuses on organic products with many natural ingredients that not only whiten teeth safely but also take great care of oral hygiene and health. Giving people an opportunity to achieve a healthy smile is our topmost priority.  

We envision our customers building a lifelong oral and dental care routine that they can be confident in with the help of our unique products. Enhanced Smiles, invests in

We are WOMEN OWNED since our creation in 2016, Enhanced Smiles has always set itself high goals and production standards. Today, Enhanced Smiles product line is emerging to all  e-commerce publications .

The great success and attractiveness for consumers of Enhanced Smiles oral care products are explained by the company's adherence to its philosophy:


Offering customers cutting-edge concepts in tooth whitening technology. The company carries out promising developments in the field of personal hygiene, oral hygiene, personal care, and overall health.


Conducting extensive and in-depth research to achieve the most effective teeth whitening products that provide long-term results.


The Enhanced Smiles product line was designed specifically with safety in mind. With a wide variety of organic and gentle products, like our organic charcoal powder and remineralization powder, everyone can achieve enhanced and best quality healthy white smiles.

Our product range includes organic and electric toothbrushes, whitening systems such as teeth whitening foam and organic tooth powder charcoal, remineralization powder and organic turmeric and coconut paste, and remineralization hemp oil. Take a look at our products page for detailed descriptions of our range of safe products. At Enhanced Smiles, we are eager to start building a trusting relationship with you and become your provider for delicate teeth whitening products that do not destroy the enamel. 

The bottom line is clear and simple - Enhanced Smiles offers high quality and safe and effective whitening and oral health products.

Let's get you your enhanced smile!